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Ellwood's History


Chicago Skyline






Founded by John Ellwood at 130 West Monroe in Chicago.



Ellwood Employees




Hired Ellwood’s second employee.
Developed manager style analysis.
First shares of J.H. Ellwood & Associates were issued.


Reached 14 employees which

necessitated a move to a larger

office at the Sears Tower.







Continued growth forced a move to the Monroe Building
at 104 South Michigan.


Developed computerized manager reports.


Ellwood celebrated 20 years


Russ Hill, our current CEO,
joins Ellwood from a competitor.

and had a total of 89 clients
and 34 employees.








Employee Stock Ownership Plan
(ESOP) was established.




John Ellwood retired and the ESOP



becomes the 100% owner. Russ Hill



appointed as Ellwood’s second CEO.





Introduced discretionary consulting services.






Moved to our current

location at 33 West Monroe.



Acquired Watershed Investment Consultants of Denver, CO, marking a westward expansion of the firm.

Denver Skyline

Ellwood 40th Anniversary


Ellwood celebrates 40 years with a total of 182 clients and 56 employees.




Ellwood is recognized as a 2017 Greenwich Quality Leader in Overall U.S. Investment Consulting.

Denver Skyline





Disclosures: The Greenwich Quality Index is prepared by Greenwich Associates (“Greenwich”), an independent third–party research firm. In connection with the 2017 study, Greenwich conducted interviews with 1,059 senior professionals at 1,052 of the largest tax-exempt funds in the United States with assets greater than $150 million. Of the 1,059 interviews, 32 were with clients of Ellwood. The Greenwich Quality Index is prepared from quantitative and qualitative client evaluations of their asset management and investment consulting providers in certain broad investment management categories, including Investment Consulting, Manager Selection, Client Service and Commercial Arrangements. Ellwood did not compensate Greenwich Associates for its inclusion in the study.

The results of the study represent Greenwich’s assessment of the collective client rankings, and are not intended to be representative of a single client’s experience with Ellwood. The results of the study do not represent an endorsement of Ellwood. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

33 West Monroe / Suite 1000/ Chicago, Illinois / 60603 / (312) 782-5432

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