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Fee Review and Benchmarking

Reviews to ensure the best pricing for investment services
Ellwood reviews client investment program fees to ensure they are getting the best institutional pricing for all investment related services. We seek every way to minimize fees and costs assessed to our clients.

Analyzing vendor fees
A part of our services is an investment program fee analysis. This includes a review of the fees charged by each investment manager and any vendor associated with the investment program such as a custodian or record keeper. We summarize all fees in a simplified report.

Benchmarking to determine fair pricing
To determine that fees are reasonable, we benchmark the various components of fees against multiple sources. We consider the unique characteristics of the investment program and show the most comparable benchmarking figures.

We compare the fees to:

  • Current industry averages
  • Industry surveys
  • Our client base

At times, we go to the marketplace for pricing quotes from current and competing vendors.  Usually, a change is not warranted, but perhaps fees are lowered.

Want to learn more about our fee analysis services? Contact us.

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