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Vendor Review and Searches

Reviews for your current and future vendors
You work with many vendors. Our in-depth analysis background can assist in reviews to ensure that you have quality vendors at a reasonable cost.

Custodian review

We conduct reviews and searches for custodial banks. In consideration of custodian retention, we evaluate:

  • Firm background
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Servicing
  • Securities lending program
  • Online communications
  • Systems
  • Fees

Recordkeeper oversight

Ellwood facilitates a recordkeeping solution for Defined Contribution Plans. We work with only high quality recordkeepers in the industry who have reasonable fees. Working with a variety of clients has given us an understanding of unique administrative and recordkeeping needs. Our recordkeeper review compares several candidates that meet both our and your criteria, including:

  • Total recordkeeping assets
  • Clients by plan assets and number of participants
  • Client service model
  •  Investment platform
  • Communication and education capabilities
  • Website interface and advice tools
  • Administrative and back office support
  • Fees for:
    • Recordkeeping
    • Investment
    • Education
    • Handling of revenue sharing
    • And others
  • ERISA and regulatory compliance

Need in-depth reviews of your vendors? Contact Ellwood today.

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