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Value-Added Endowment and Foundation Advice
Ellwood advises endowments and foundations. We serve a large and growing number of endowment, foundation, and non-profit clients. From working with diverse clients, our consultants understand the unique structure of these investment programs.

Balancing objectives to meet your goals
We focus on balancing the objectives of meeting spending needs and generating capital appreciation. Our approach considers:

  • The typical investment objective, which is real growth after distribution, or growing assets after spending, expenses, and inflation.
  • Key factors in investment policies, such as spending rates.
  • Investment constraints that govern the amount of risk and illiquidity that can be taken.
  • Requirements for asset allocation to meet the stated investment objective while complying with constraints over time.

Using models to determine asset allocation

Our asset allocation modeling helps you evaluate these factors through the Ellwood Asset Allocation Dashboard. This includes expected returns and multiple forms of risk. Our analysis evaluates the probability each considered asset allocation has of meeting the investment objective.

The asset allocation modeling also factors non-investment related variables that directly affect an endowment or foundation’s portfolio, including:

  • Fundraising
  • Debt
  • Liquidity constraints
  • Donor stock
  • Completion portfolios

Considering new opportunities

Ellwood brings new investment topics to our investors as we learn about them. We typically provide an educational component to support these recommendations so that all investors can make informed decisions.

All of your requests for research on investment topics are welcome and quickly assessed. Our goal is to find appropriate opportunities that meet your investment objective and your institutional ideals.

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