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Capital Markets Commentary

2019 Investment Outlook

January 2019

Does Ellwood expect economic growth to remain positive in 2019? And how are we evaluating the risk and return potential for asset classes within the anticipated investment environment? For more information, read Ellwood’s Capital Markets Committee’s 2019 Investment Outlook.

Ten-Year Capital Market Assumptions

September 2018

On an annual basis, Ellwood's Capital Markets and Asset Allocation Committees updated our ten year capital market assumptions.

Observations on Recent Market Volatility

February 2018

Over the last few days, we’ve seen market volatility return to global equity markets. Ellwood’s Capital Markets Committee wrote a short commentary to share their viewpoint on the decline.

2018 Investment Outlook

January 2018

How will economic and financial conditions evolve over 2018? And, what key indicators will we watch? For more information, read our Capital Markets Committee's 2018 Investment Outlook.

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